For expatriates and their families

  • For migrants... More than a million migrants and refugees crossed into Europe in 2015

  • For companies... More than a third of international assignments fail or don't meet expectations (early return, poor performance)

  • For universities... A third of international students at UK universities feel "isolated from the university community”

  • For expatriates and their families... Many people cope seemingly well with relocation, but years later, they (or their families) feel that “they don’t belong anywhere”.

Why Terre de Feu?

What does 'Terre de Feu' mean?


In 1520, Magellan was looking for a passage between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, he observed clouds of smoke rising from the fires lit by the local people and called this land Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire or Terre de Feu). Three years later, his crew was the first to go round the world.

Like the people of Tierra del Fuego, we need to light a fire to settle in a new place.

Terre de Feu's associates help modern travellers make a place a home.

We are a community of psychotherapists working with expatriates, migrants, Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and international students. We offer workshops, coaching and online resources for those who move abroad, and the professionals who support them.

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