For expatriates and their families


Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth and domestic life. She represents the power of home that binds to a place and a community.

We use the Greek gods Hestia and Hermes as images for two important attitudes that you need when you relocate. And we like to think that they are part of our team too!

Our guides: Hestia and Hermes


Hermes is the god of travellers, of thieves, shepherds and merchants; he is also the messenger of the gods. He represents fluidity, the capacity for change and movement.


We take our inspiration from:

  • Analytical psychology - based on the ideas developed by Carl Jung (eg. the collective unconscious, myths and ancient tales as a source of archetypal images)

  • Transactional analysis (eg. the Parent-Adult-Child model, the idea of culture as "Parent")

  • Arts therapy and narrative therapy

"Place, hearth, community, family, fire, centre, continuity, tradition, localisation"

"Movement, threshold, transition, wind, change, exchange, mobility, globalisation"

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We are a community of psychotherapists who speak several languages, have lived in different countries and have an interest in the emotional and psychological impact of relocation.

Cécile Buckenmeyer - Jungian analyst - Lived in France, Japan, the USA and the UK - Private practice in the UK



David Carnes - Jungian analyst - Lived in the USA, France, England, Belgium, Germany and Norway



Alison Collis - Transactional analyst - Worked throughout Europe and in the USA - Living in Portugal



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